Adidas Yeezy Boost 950

This kind of Adidas Yeezy Boost 950 is the latest popular, unique style and very fashionable. The is modern design and the queen of quality, and it has its own style and characteristic. Once you got it, you will find tit worth paid.

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Adidas are three kinds of signs has its different meanings, and its meaning is as follows:

1. Adidas logo

Many people think that because the shape of the reason Adidas logo represents a blooming flower, representing the Olympic spirit (also the athletes of the world have been pursuing the goal) in the "higher, faster, stronger" . But in fact, Adidas logo was originally on behalf of the three continental plates joined together - the shape of the Earth as stereoscopic 3D plane development, and is very similar to the world map, a symbol to the motion to extend the power of the world. At the same time, this logo is also a symbol of the brand adidas superstar founder Adi Dassler sports shoes sewn on three lines.

2. Adidas three stripes logo

Adidas three stripe logo by Adidas founder Adi Dassler designs, the three stripes of Adidas logo on behalf of the mountains, pointed out that to achieve the challenges, achievements and aspirations of the future continue to achieve their goals.

3.adidas style flag

adidas superstar shoes style as a high-end fashion brand Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto cooperation with the Adidas brand, and its products can be said to be close to the Adidas brand is the most cutting-edge fashion, to a certain extent be regarded as a luxury series. And its logo symbol represents the meaning is always stand in the forefront of fashion on behalf of, the pursuit of high-end products to enjoy the spirit of the influx of crowds. Intermediate circular logo is divided into three stripes.